• EN 12642-XL build standards
  • TÜV Nord certificated
  • Postless technology
  • Full LED lighting
  • Fold-away tail lift
Urban @ 010923


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  • Rigid roof, rear doors and PVC curtainsides
  • Curtainsides can be pulled back for easy loading
  • Equipped with a support system for the roof, side and centre of the trailer
  • Option to load via the side or rear of the trailer
  • Maximum payload: 32,800kgs

Box Van 

  • Completely rigid, with loading doors at the back
  • Secure option for valuable goods and food items
  • Completely weatherproof for safe transportation
  • Goods are stacked on pallets and loaded via forklift
  • Maximum payload: 31,400kgs

Double Deck 

  • Comprises two levels for ease of storage during transportation
  • Perfect for transportation of non-stackables
  • Transport more goods while lowering your CO2 emissions
  • Adjustable storage depending on weight specifications
  • Maximum payload: (?)


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